Useful Websites and Tutorials for Learning PHP

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PHP, a powerful server-side scripting language, is widely used for web development. Whether you are a beginner looking to grasp the basics or an experienced developer seeking advanced techniques, the internet offers a plethora of resources to enhance your PHP skills. In this article, we’ll explore some useful websites and tutorials that can aid your journey in mastering PHP.

Websites for Learning PHP:


  • The official PHP website is an invaluable resource. It provides comprehensive documentation, including a language reference, function reference, and user-contributed notes. The site is regularly updated, reflecting the latest features and improvements in PHP.

2. W3Schools PHP Tutorial

  • W3Schools is a well-known resource for web development tutorials. Their PHP tutorial covers a wide range of topics, from basic syntax to advanced concepts. Each topic is accompanied by interactive examples, making it a great resource for hands-on learning.

3. PHP: The Right Way

  • This website serves as a guide to best practices and modern development standards in PHP. It covers topics like coding style, dependency management, testing, and security. It’s an excellent resource for developers who want to follow industry best practices.

4. GeeksforGeeks PHP Programming Language

  • GeeksforGeeks offers a comprehensive set of tutorials on PHP, ranging from basic concepts to advanced topics. The tutorials are well-organized and include practical examples, making it a valuable resource for self-paced learning.

5. SitePoint PHP Section

  • SitePoint is a platform that provides a variety of resources for web developers. Their PHP section includes tutorials, articles, and discussions on PHP-related topics. It caters to developers of all skill levels.

Tutorials for Learning PHP:

1. Codecademy PHP Course

  • Codecademy offers an interactive PHP course that covers fundamental concepts. The hands-on exercises allow learners to practice coding in a real development environment, reinforcing theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

2. LinkedIn Learning PHP Essential Training

  • LinkedIn Learning (formerly provides a PHP Essential Training course. This video-based tutorial covers PHP basics, database integration, and more. It’s a great resource for visual learners.

3. PHP Tutorial for Beginners: Learn in 7 Days

  • Guru99 offers a PHP tutorial designed for beginners. The tutorial is structured as a 7-day course, covering essential PHP concepts with examples. It’s a step-by-step guide for those new to PHP.

4. PHP and MySQL Tutorial for Beginners (Udemy)

  • This Udemy course is aimed at beginners and covers the integration of PHP with MySQL. It provides practical examples and hands-on projects to reinforce learning.

5. PHP 7 Tutorial: Master the Concepts of PHP 7 (Eduonix)

  • Eduonix offers a PHP 7 tutorial that delves into the concepts and features introduced in PHP 7. The course includes video lectures and downloadable resources for self-paced learning.


Learning PHP is an enriching journey, and the availability of online resources makes it accessible to developers worldwide. Whether you prefer official documentation, interactive platforms, or video-based tutorials, the resources mentioned in this article cater to a variety of learning preferences. As you explore these websites and tutorials, remember to apply your knowledge through practical projects, as hands-on experience is key to mastering PHP. Happy coding!


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